In the sauna world


For enthusiasts of traditional Finnish sauna, we offer a session in our dry sauna. With temperature reaching up to 110 degrees Celsius and humidity dropping to just 10%, it provides the ideal conditions for cleansing your skin, regenerating your muscles and even lowering your blood pressure.

In the sauna world

Steam room

The steam room is perfect for our Guests who want to rejuvenate and stay healthy but are less tolerant to heat. With temperature reaching no more than 50 degrees Celsius and very high humidity, it clears your skin and gives it a healthy glow by removing toxins and promoting healthy blood flow. It also helps release tension and reduce stress while boosting your immunity.

For health

The gym

During your stay at Aquarion Family & Friends Hotel, you don’t need to change your exercise plans. For our Guests only, we provide a cozy gym with basic exercise equipment for a cardio workout to help you get fit before your hike in the mountains.

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