Mountain view

Viewing terrace

This is the most popular and most crowded place on hot summer days. From the comfortable sun lounges on the terrace, you can admire the stunning panorama of the majestic Tatra Mountains and cool yourself with refreshing drinks from the Summer Bar. In colder temperatures, we recommend the open-air pool with thermal water of 32oC next to the terrace, which can be used even when the outside temperature drops to -10oC.

Aqua attractions

Wild river

With water temperature reaching 30oC, changing currents and fast stream, the 40-metre-long and 1.3-metre-deep wild river offers great fun for all. Its winding shape brings to mind a natural mountain stream. Equipped with water jets and cascades, and bottom air and stream geysers, it really puts to test your swimming abilities.

Moments of rest

Hot tubes

For those wishing to take a refreshing and relaxing dip, Termy Zakopiańskie offers six large hot tubs. With water temperature up to 36oC, it has a positive effect not only on your well-being but also on your health. Even a short bubble bath session will help you relax and regenerate your muscles and joints.

Water games

Water slides

In total, Termy Zakopiańskie has five water slides which guarantee fun for young and old. The two longer ones are over 166 and 106 meters long with heights of 16 and 12 meters, and allow speeds of up to 26 km/h (over 16 mph). The two shorter ones are just 10 and 10.5 meters long and are perfect for the younger water sliding enthusiasts. The medium one is 26 meters long but only 2.3 meter high so it is safe to use even by the youngest.

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