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Health, beauty and regeneration

In the SPA area of Aquarion Hotel we want to take care of health, beauty and regeneration of our guests. Therefore, we encourage you to take advantage of a wide range of massages, as well as unique treatments and rituals involving top-quality cosmetics and specialised equipment. In our offer you can find revitalising, lifting, nourishing and rejuvenating treatments, which affect not only your skin’s appearance, but also your body’s inner harmony.

Cosmetics SKEYNDOR

Facial care brand in the form of manual treatments or using MesoInfusion (hydro-electrophoresis, electroporation, cryotherapy, stimulating current) and Profacial (multipolar RF, aqua peeling, ionic lifting, ultrasound) technologies.

Cosmetics SKEYNDOR

Cosmetics AROSHA

Skincare brand for manual treatments on the body or supported by Vinushape technology (low-frequency ultrasound, multipolar radio-frequency, suction massage, bio-stimulating laser).

Cosmetics AROSHA

Cosmetics KURLAND®

Brand based on natural ingredients for manual rituals on the body (massage, peeling, compresses) or supported by the unique, patented Permanent Contour® device for a massage with stamps heated with warm steam.
Cosmetics KURLAND®

Treatments, which are our speciality


Description of the procedure

Time and price


treatment based on the Skeyndor brand for the face based
on thermal water

60 mins | 230 pln

90 mins | 290 pln


treatment based on the Arosha brand for the body based
on active ingredients such as: salt from the Dead Sea and
lactic acid.

60 mins | 250 pln

90 mins | 350 pln


a ritual based on the Kurland® brand based on herbs from
mountain pastures and Alpine oil

the ritual consists of salt oil peeling based on Alpine oil and manual massage combined with a massage with Permanent Contour stamps

90 mins | 290 pln

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